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Metrology is the science of measurement, embracing both experimental and theoretical determinations at any level of uncertainty in any field of science and technology. In our daily life, we will inevitably encounter applications related to metrology. For example, when running, we use a stopwatch to record timing; when sending mail, we use a pound and a ruler to measure the weight and size of the package respectively. Metrology also applies to chemical measurements, such as food inspection and environmental analysis, to protect our lives. Precise measurement can provide a solid foundation for the development of science and technology, thereby improving people's quality of life. In this seminar, we will share some applications of metrology that are closely related to our everyday life, and introduce the scientific principles behind them. The seminar will also introduce the latest developments in this year's World Metrology Day theme, " Metrology in the Digital Era".

計量學是一門測量科學,涵蓋任何科學技術領域內不同不確定性水平的實驗和理論測量方法。在我們的日常生活中,都必定會遇上與計量學相關的應用,例如,跑步時,會用到秒錶計時;寄郵件時,會分別用到磅和尺來量度物件的重量和尺寸。計量學也適用於化學測量方面,例如食品檢驗和環境分析,保障我們的生命安全。精密的計量可以為科技發展提供堅實的基礎,從而提高人們的生活質素。本次研討會,我們會分享一些與生活息息相關的計量學應用,並介紹其背後的科學原理。研討會還會介紹今年的世界計量日主題 “數字時代的計量” 的最新動向。

Date            12 August 2022 (Friday)
日期             2022年8月12日 (星期五)

Time            2:30 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.
時間             下午2時30分至下午5時15分

Language   Cantonese (presentation slides in English only)

語言             廣東話 (英文投影片)